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          valentines high school

          sixth form exam results

          2020 ks5 results

          2020  a level results
          all students 2020 2020 national average 
          a*-a 36% 38.1%
          a*-b 66% 65.4%
          a*-c 86% 87.5%
          a*-e 100% 99.7%
          aps per entry 39.81 (b) tba
          2020  level 3 vocational results
          all students 2020 2020 national average 
          %d-d* 67% 38.1%
          aps per entry 33.63 (d) 65.4%
          *d = distinction

          for more information on national school performance tables, please click here to visit the department for education website.

           please note that the data currently available on the department for education website is for summer 2019, as the government has announced that it will not publish any educational performance data for 2020.  further information is provided here.


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